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Injection Mold cooling design Standards
Section 4:injection mold Cooling Standards and Design for American and CANADA injection mold tooling market
Defines methods to provide optimum mold temperature control

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1) All molds must be recessed for DME 300 Series Jiffy Quick Disconnects or equivalent Counter bores will be 1.125” diameter to allow for socket. (Refer to drawing S4-1)
injection mold cooling jiffy 2) All mold actions requiring cooling must have ½” I.D. reinforced flexible hoses routed to outside without interference. Jiffy-Tite extension plugs are preferred when possible.
3) In cases where water manifolds are required, CITO type manifolds are preferred.
4) Use DME standard 300 Series male Jiffy-Tite plugs and 300 Series Jiffy-Tite Extension Plugs or equivalent.
5) All baffles are to be DME standard brass plug baffles or equivalent. NO PRESS-FIT BLADES ARE TO BE USED.
6) All pipe plugs are to be brass. Do not use expandable plugs with “o”-rings.
7) All water lines are to be clear of all obstructions. All circuits are to be air checked with 100 lbs. air pressure per square inch.
8) No waterlines are to be less than ¼” from ejector pins or tapped holes. Avoid designing water directly under tapped holes. Water should be spaced no less than 5/8” from molding surfaces where possible.
9) The amount of water and spacing of water circuits is determined on a custom basis. All considerations will be given to provide the maximum water coverage possible, balancing optimum cooling and optimum ejection. Any areas that are difficult to cool should be considered for sub-inserting with MOLDMAX. All MOLDMAX inserts must be cooled to provide efficient transfer of heat.
10) Water connections must not interfere with mold clamping ledges.
11) Stamp water circuits In and Out. (Example: “IN 1” “OUT 1”)
12) Standard water line drill and NPT taps:
.25” (1/4”) diameter with 1/16”-NPT
.34” (11/32”) diameter with 1/8”-NPT
injection mold cooling O ring .43” (7/16”) diameter with ¼”-NPT
.56” (9/16”) diameter with 3/8”-NPT
.68” (11/16”) diameter with ½”-NPT
.93” (15/16”) diameter with ¾”-NPT
1.15” (1-5/32”) diameter with 1”-NPT
1.50” (1-1/2”) diameter with 1-1/4-NPT
13) “O”-rings must be designed with a grooved pocket to completely retain the “O”-ring
(Refer to drawing S4-2). Industrial Standard groove diameters and depths will be used such as supplied through PARCO, Standard Die, etc. (usually available through “O”-ring supplier)

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