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Viewmold company provides the following service:

Plastic injection molds service, our company provides high quality injection molds as DME or HASCO standard.Viewmold guarantees that our high quality molds can run smoothly without any breakdown in molds life time. Viewmold Co., Limited is your best selection that you can get high quality molds or plastic parts.

The following is our cost information of plastic injection molds:
moldbase cost:
If moldbase is made as Chinese standard,mold base cost=USD$3/KG  If moldbase is made as DME or HASCO,mold base cost=USD$5/KG
P20 made in China =USD$4/KG   P20 made in USA or Europe =USD$5/KG
H13 made in China =USD$9/KG   H13 made in USA or Europe =USD$15/KG
420 made in China =USD$12/KG   420 made in USA or Europe =USD$25/KG
ocea ship cost to USA or CANADA or Europe=USD$0.5/kg    timeline=46 days
air ship cost to USA or CANADA or Europe=USD$4.5/kg    timeline=5-7 days
express cost to USA or CANADA or Europe=USD$15/kg    timeline=2-5 days

Plastic injection molding service,our injeciton molding machines are from 120 ton to 650 ton and have 2 sets 160 ton double injection molding machines

Plastic injection molds design service,the price is from USD$300 to USD$1,000 the leadtime is about 4-7 days.

Plastic injection mold components manufacturing service,such as: slides, lifters, cores, cavities. the manufacturing toleracne is from +-0.005MM to +-0.01MM

If you need quotation for your project, could you please send us a email or submit a online quotation.Our professional team of quotation is the most responsive and have rich experience in plastic injection molds and plastic molding. From design tips to material selection we guarantee that you can get feedback in 24 hours,and our team can exactly quote for your project in 48 hours.Looking forward to your RFQ.

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