PC+PBT processing conditions

Generic Class

PC+PBT (Polycarbonate + Polybutyleneterephthalate blend)

Typical Applications

Gear cases, automotive (bumpers); applications which require chemical and corrosion resistance, high heat resistance, high impact strength over wide temperature ranges, and high dimensional stability.

Injection Molding Processing Conditions


110 - 135 C (230 - 275) F for approximately 4 hours . 

Melt Temperature 

250 - 280 C (482 - 536 F); Depends on specific grade

Mold Temperature

40 - 85 C (104 - 185 F) 

Chemical and Physical Properties

PC+PBT blends offers a combination of properties of PC and PBT - high toughness and dimensional stability of PC and good chemical and heat resistance and lubricity of crystalline PBT.