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Injecion Overmold


Viewmold has rich experiences for overmolds.

Overmold project has high risk. In Chinese side, 90% overmold project aren't successful. If you have any overmold project, you should contact us as soon as possible by email or submit a quote online.Our first engineers has professional knowledge and a lot of experiences for overmold,can provide you professional advice, It also is a chance that you can get high quality overmolds and make your project success.

Overmolding is a process solution where a single plastic part is molded using 2 or more different material or same material but different color. Generally speaking,the primary part is called substrate,the subsequent material cover the substrate. The substrate is a moled plastic part or a metal part.the subsequent part is plastic material.The 2 parts eventually become a single continuous part composed of chemically bonded or mechanically interlocked.The subsequent material are some limitations on what materials are suitable for overmolding. The 2 kinds of plastic material must be compatible, the point is very important.some professional material companies publish special plastic with compatibility chart for overmolding. Injection_overmolding Injection_overmold
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