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Plastic injection overmolding services

Viewmold has rich experiences for overmolds.
Overmold project has more risks. In Chinese side, 90% overmold project aren't successful. If you have any overmold project, you should contact us as soon as possible by email or submit a quote online.Our first engineers has professional knowledge and a lot of experiences for overmold,can provide you professional advice, It also is a chance that you can get high quality overmolds and make your project success.
Overmolding is a process solution where a single plastic part is molded using 2 or more different material or same material but different color. Generally speaking,the primary part is called substrate,the subsequent material cover the substrate. The substrate is a moled plastic part or a metal part.the subsequent part is plastic material.The 2 parts eventually become a single continuous part composed of chemically bonded or mechanically interlocked.The subsequent material are some limitations on what materials are suitable for overmolding. The 2 kinds of plastic material must be compatible, the point is very important.some professional material companies publish special plastic with compatibility chart for overmolding.

Our company also provides Injection mold tooling design services, our design team have 10 tooling design engineers.

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