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Doulbe Injecion Mold

Double Injection Molds

doulbe_injection_machine Viewmold have rich professional experiences for double injection molds for near 20 years,and has 2 double injection machines. If you need to custom double injection molds,welcome you to contact us by email or submit a quote online.

Double injection mold is the innovative process of molding two different materials into one plastic part at one time. It is more complex than single injection mold, and the cost of double injection mold also higher than single injection mold. Double injection molding includes 2 steps,in the first step, a nozzle injects plastic into a mold,in the second step, the mold automatically rotate to a different position,other type of plastic is injected into the mold from a second nozzle. Double injection molding machines include two parts,

one is a stationary platen with two nozzles as suitalbe intervals in a row horizontally. The other is movable part with a revolvable platen that can gyrate for 180 degree. Double injection molding need two sets injeciton molds that also include two movable parts and two stationary parts, Two movable must match each stationary part.
How is doulbe injection molds installed to the doulbe injection molding machines?
Step 1: Any one set injeciton mold is installed to any a injection unit of doulbe injection molding machine as generic mathed.
Step 2: The platen of movable part of double injection machine gyrate for 180 degree.
Step 3: The stationary part of the mold left is fitted to the movable part of the mold installed to the doulbe injection molding machine.
Step 4: The movalbe part of the mold left is fitted to the stationary part of the mold installed to the doulbe injection molding machine.
Step 5: Fix the mold to the doulbe injection molding machine.
Double injection molding step:
Step 1: Closing molds, then injecting.the two nozzles on stationary platen can provide injecion unit to two injection molds.
Step 2: Opening molds. The movable part of the machine move back to suitalbe position.
Step 3: One unit plastic part will be ejected out, the other unit will be retained on the mold.
Step 4: The platen of the movable part of the double injeciton molding machine gyrate for 180 degree.
Step 5: Closing molds, the 2 movable part of molds can re-fit to each stationary part of the molds
Step 6: Re-injecting.
doulbe_injection_machine Double Injection Molding make a single part be integrated with hard and soft materials to create new feature advantages,or a single part with letter or pattern is molded by 2 different color plastic, the pattern looks bold ,vibrant and pure. It also allows that molding using transparent plastics, which improves the product functionality and value. Most double injection molding products are applied to the following categories:
1) keycaps with pattern or letter.
2) Consumer goods. Such as, electric shavers, pen shells, spectacle frames, bottle caps, and etc.
3) Spare parts for car. Such as, car lampshades, plastic steering wheels, acoustics sound, knobs, and handles, etc.
4) Medical equipments. Such as, thermometer and ear thermometer, etc.
5) Electronic 3C industry. Such as, cellphones, game machines, and earphones, etc.
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