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Standard Inch Socket Head Cap Screws Are Not Grade 8 Fasteners
There is a common, yet reasonable, misconception be met to be called "Grade 8". Three of the mo that standard, inch, alloy steel socket head cap important characteristics are not consistent with screws are "Grade 8". This is not true. The misco requirements for industry standard SHCSs: tensile ception is reasonable because "Grade 8" is a te strength, hardness, and head marking. Some basic generally associated with "high strength" fastener differences between several fastener classifications A person desiring a "high strength" SHCSm are listed below. The list is not comprehensive but request a "Grade 8 SHCS". This is technical intended to provide a general understanding. incorrect for standard SHCSs. The term Grade 8 SHCSs can be manufactured to meet Grade 8 defines specific fastener characteristics which must requirements on a special order basis.

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