plastic injection Molds components manufacturing services supplier

plastic injection Molds components manufacturing services supplier
  we supply the professional plastic injection molds components parts manufacturing survices for customer.
plastic mold part

Viewmold offer production precision plastic molds parts by 3D model from customer. by using the latest CNC Technologies (High Speed Milling, Wire EDM, and Sinker EDM). we can produce precise, economical molds components on time.If you need to custom plastic injection molds components parts,such as: cores,cavitys,lifts,inserts,slides,copper etc. plastic mold part please contact us with or request a quote online..
   The highly featured, tightly toleranced parts, with aggressive lead times, require top quality tool.We have invested in new highly precise equipment.Our capabilities to manufacture plastic mold components include:a full range of CNC milling machinery, turning, EDM and coordinate measuring equipment for plastic injection molds components dimension and construction analysis. wire cut manufacturing EDM manufacturing   our shop has UG which can generate the most intricate of CNC routing plans and can accept STEP, XT, IGES.these files can be translated into UG manufacturing system that produces molds components parts of outstanding quality. Our high speed machining centers, lathes, EDM's and skilled programmers.There are more complicated machining operations that would require a much higher skill level (and increase the potential for mistakes resulting in scrap workpieces) of the person running the conventional machine tool. Viewmold is staffed by highly skilled and competent toolmakers accomplished in the use of the equipment and software necessary to produce even the most intricate molds.
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large molds CNC manufacturing.JPG large molds EDM manufacturing.JPG CMM inspection steel hardness inspection Total Quality Management is a cornerstone of our continual growth and success. We maintain all company and employee owned gauging as well as any customer gauging in our calibration system with calibrations performed at regular intervals.
We know how important it is to follow quality procedures to ensure that our jobs are done right the first time, every time.So our QC department is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. molds heigst measurement molds copper inspection JPG 2D outline measurement microscope inspection JPG Our software can read or translate most CAD files, allowing measurement programs to be created prior to chips being cut; ideal for existing products, Parts automatically drawn on screen during measurement.
  We know the only way to succeed is by partnering with a team of knowledgeable specialists dedicated to quality production,reduced warranty cost, line disruption prevention and component failure reduction. It is our desire to build a relationship with your company that will last for many years to come. Work closely with a trusted and dedicated partner that is committed to understanding your needs, applications, budgets and time frames.You too can benefit from the competitive advantage offered by enhanced product performance.

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