Raymond SPEC springs

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SPEC CATALOG?/span> Put America!s largest spring maker at your service

What is SPEC?
SPEC offers the world!s largest inventory of stock springs and spring washers with over 100 million compression, extension, torsion and constant-force springs, as well as belleville, finger, wave and curved spring washers. You can choose from over 10,000 part numbers, all designed and produced to the highest standards.
SPEC grew out of our experience in designing, making and handling millions of spring parts over the years. As a result, each part is precision engineered, manufactured using the finest quality steels and meets the tightest quality requirements. But SPEC also consists entirely of "off-the-shelf" parts -- easily identified, compared, selected and ordered and always readily available for shipment. Switch to "just-in-time" deliveries of zero-defect parts directly from stock with SPEC, and be certain you will receive Associated Spring Raymond!? world class service every time.
When use SPEC?
1.Prototype and development work: when precise specifications are difficult to establish, order small quantities of several items and determine the best one by trial !a at a very low cost. We have even created packaged assortment of our most popular sizes (see page 162) for your convenience.
2.Maintenance and repair: down time is expensive. Keeping a variety of SPEC tion fast. Our packaged parts on hand helps you get equipment back in opera assortments come in handy here as well.
3.Small production runs: standard springs and washers are usually much cheaper than specials. They are produced in large volumes, and their tooling costs have been amortized over millions of units.
4.Emergency production use: as all our parts are stock items and readily available, they can be shipped immediately in order to keep production lines running and downtime to a minimum.
5.Model shops: having a wide assortment of springs and washers available is a good practice for those demanding projects and unexpected situations.

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