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plastic injection molds Design services supplier

plastic injection molds Design services supplier

  We believe that a quality part comes from a quality mold and a good molds design.we supply the professional plastic injection molds design survices for customer in full 3D formats.If you are a plastic injection molds company in the United States or Canada,England... plan improving the competitve capacity of company through reducing cost of production.our plastic injection molds design survices is a good choice.you needn't worry about quality of our plastic injeciton molds design.You needn't pay unless you are satisfied with our 3D molds design.If you need to plastic injection molds survices,please contact us:sales@viewmold.comor submit a quote online..


  We support multiple file formats including major software such as: UG, ProE, Catia, Parasolids, STEP, SAT, IGES, SolidWorks and much more. Our powerful Unigraghics CAD system transforms your part data into a precision 3-D solid modeled tool design. From basic designs to complex,multi-cavity tools.We can also create a complete 3D model of your intended part or we can convert your 2-D drawings to a 3-D solid CAD model.Let us help ensure your product can be manufactured. We can review your CAD files or part drawings and provide feedback on possible quality issues or areas in need of improvement.
   If we find an area in your part that can’t physically be manufactured, we will make a modification to your 3-D CAD model with a solution that best fits the application and return it to you for approval. Other molds companies tell you to change it without any suggestions. And most of the time the area they tell you that needs to be changed doesn’t need changing at all
  We are dedicated and focused on completing projects on time and right the first time:Our experienced team of engineers work with the latest engineering tools and software to help you construct a quality plastic injection molds to create the best possible and cost effective mold for your project requirements,To aid in increasing engineering and manufacturing efficiency, productivity, and versatility.We can handle single component projects or multiple part programs.we build it to your part design. We do not ask for changes to make it easier for us to build. No one in the plastics industry will tackle more complex parts than us. So, if someone no quoted your part or asked for design concessions it’s because they don’t have the skills to get the job done or they are just adding to their bottom line instead of yours.
  We has been the innovative design and superior engineering function that assures your complete satisfaction with every mold we design.
We can generate detailed tooling designs, part prints and specifications from your prototype, or your 2D or 3D CAD files. We generally adopt following design standards:

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