Universal Joints

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Boston Gear precision machined J and JS Series Universal Joints are designed for connecting shafts at angles up to 30 degrees and speeds up to 2000 RPM. All sizes are stocked with both solid and bored hubs.
Joints J100 and J100B and larger are equipped with self-closing, ball valve oilers, creating an oil reservoir to provide enclosed lubrication.
The self-locking assembly ring on joints with 7/8" and larger hub diameter, fits into recess provided in center bearing block and snaps around groove in small bearing pin?TM)assuring locking of entire assembly?TM)allowing for quick and ea disassembly and reassembly. Joints with 3/4" and smaller hub diameters are locked by riveting the small bearing pin.
Joint covers (boots) keep dirt and moisture out and lubricants in.
Torque ratings may be calculated from data in tables. The tables indicate the Rated Static Torque (Lb. Ins.) of alloy and stainless steel joints and Speed-Angle factors suggested for various operating conditions.
The approximate service torque rating of a particular joint is obtained by dividing the Rated Static Torque by the appropriate Speed-Angle factor.
Selecting a universal joint to satisfy a specified torque requirement is also made convenient with the data provided.
The designated torque load should be multiplied by the appropriate Speed-Angle factor to obtain an equivalent static torque load.
A universal joint with a rated static torque equal to or greater than the calculated torque load would then be selected.
A pair of universal joints are desired to transmit 1/2 HP from one shaft running at 500 RPM to another located at an angle of 10 degrees (from a straight line). The joints will be connected by an intermediate shaft and arranged to operate at equal angles of 5 degrees. A Speed-Angle factor of 9 is indicated in the table for an oper- ating angle of 5 degrees and a speed of 500 RPM. 63025 x HP 63025 x 1/2 Torque Load = = = 63 Lb. Ins. RPM 500 Equivalent Static Load = Torque load x Factor = 63 x 9 = 567 Lb. Ins. J100 size alloy steel or JS175 size stainless steel universals would be suggested for this application.

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