Boston Gear speed reducers

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BOSTON?/span> Gear
700 Series single-reduction
700 Series single-reduction worm gear speed reducers feature integral hardened worms and bronze worm gears. Through-bore housings assure true shaft positioning, proper mating of worm and gear, and perfect alignment under maximum stress conditions. Oversize roller and ball bearings allow greater overhung and thrust loads.
800 Series
800 Series contains a broad selection of compact, heavy-duty helical gear drives, with long life perfor- mance features and simplified maintenance. Models include double and triple reduction units in flanged or foot mounted arrangements.
Right-angle gear drives
Right-angle gear drives are available with single or double output shafts and are designed for high capacity and efficiency, quiet operation, and long service life. Bevel or spiral bevel gears are made of hardened alloy steel, with oversized bearings and high-quality oil seals.
W700 Series
W700 Series double-reduction worm gear speed reducers offer a broad range of reduction ratios, with integral hardened worms and bronze worm gears used throughout. Mounting surfaces are machined parallel for correct alignment of all drive components. Precision through-bore housings assure true shaft positioning with proper mating of worms and gears.
200 Optimount
200 Optimount Series helical gear speed reducers contain gears and pinions made of heat-treated alloy steel or close-grain cast iron, with ball or tapered roller bearings. Rugged housings are precisionmachined to assure accurate and permanent gear alignment.
Bost-Kleen 700 Series
Bost-Kleen 700 Series, designed for the food processing and other appli- cations where the reducers are con- stantly exposed to an environment requiring high pressure wash down to maintain cleanliness. Single reduc- tion worm gear speed reducers are certified by the Baking Industry Sanitation Standards Committee (BISSC) to assure contamination free operation.

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