Matsushita limit switch

Matsushita Lamp attached- and terminal mold models also available


1.Long life: High efficiency coil spring switching mechanism for long life:More than 10M mechanical operations.
2.Great mechanical strength while being compact and lightweight The attachment pitch is 25.4mm (1.000inch).Also, the outer cover cap uses a strong plastic with excellent mechanical characteristics.An M4 bolt can be used for the attachment.
 3.The overtravel (O.T.) is large with great shock absorption
 4.The switch itself is constructed to be dust-proof and oil resistant The switch itself is closed flush with the diaphragm and the compressed rubber ring, so that the terminal mold model is perfectly flush with the terminal parts.
5.Large insulation distance (contact gap is 1mm .039inch)
6.Uses first-class construction materials (ammonialess phynol.) TYPICAL APPLICATIONS
Used in sequence control of food processing machines, automatic packaging machines, conveyers, and processors. Ideal for light industry machinery when installation pace is limited and a protective construction is sought.

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