EPIC connector

EPIC CONNECTORS Rectangular Industrial Connectors

Rectangular Industrial Connectors: Technical Data Overview
Lapp offers 11 series of rectangular connectors. The rectangular overview section will help determine the series which best suits your application. An explanation of rectangular connectors is in the Technical Data section.
Once the appropriate series has been determined turn to the referenced section in the catalog. The EPIC Rectangular Series is set up in the following structure.
The inserts (plugs and receptacles) are shown by number of contacts. All available terminations are shown.
Please remember when choosing crimp terminated plugs&receptacles, the contacts have to be ordered separately.
The appropriate contacts and tools immediately follow the plugs and receptacles.
Immediately following each group of plugs and receptacles are the housings (hoods and bases) which fit these connectors. The hoods and bases are grouped by number and position of levers to ensure compatibility. Metric parts and all diagrams are shown in the main HA&HBE Housing Sections.


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