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D-M-E your mold tooling advantage for over five decades

A better way to make tools
   In 1942, Ted Quarnstrom recognized the tremendous labor investment required to manu- facture molds in non-standard sizes. He created a new company, D-M-E, to provide mold bases in standard sizes, ready for machining of the cavity — freeing the skilled moldmak- er to practice his craft more efficiently. Today, D-M-E still delivers innovative products to make its customers more productive.

A responsive partner
   Customer service is the heart of the D-M-E equation — make innovative products, provide rapid and knowledgeable support and sell for a competitive price. D-M-E customer service personnel receive regular training on new products and new methods so we can help solve your most challenging problems quickly and cost-effectively. And, D-M-E manufacturing and distribution facilities are located around the globe to go where customers need support.

A full line of resources
   From D-M-E’s beginning, our emphasis has been on becoming the industry’s premier resource for molding and moldmaking productivity. Whether it’s D-M-E’s broad range of mold bases, including the new low-cost MoldBasics series, or high-cavitation hot runner systems like the Galaxy™ line, D-M-E delivers with innovation. D-M-E products include:
   Mold bases
   – D-M-E standard, custom machined and MoldBasics

mold bases
   Mold components
   – ejector pins and sleeves, mold action devices and other components
   Moldmaking equipment and supplies
   – cutting tools, polishing equipment and repair welders
   Hot runner systems and components
   – from turnkey hot halves to individual nozzles
   hot runner

HOT RUNNER INJECTION MOLDING Select from a variety of Cool One (internally heated) designs, our Hot One¡± hot manifold systems or the Vulve¡¯ Gate system for positive individuul guts shut-oft. D-M-E Applications Engineering Service can help you select and design the system best suited to your requirements. Throagh our Speciall.luchining Service we can provide the machining, component installation and wiring ot your system usa complete package. Combined with our Smart Series¡¯ temperature control systems and Technical Service peraonnel who can assist you with system start-up, D-M-E provides uv unequaled level of products and services for hot runner molding.

D-M-E Special Machining Service

Five Plants, strategically located, are equipped to handle your special machining requirements. Whether It¡¯s a series of roughed out cavity insert pockets in a standard mold base, or a completely custom designed mold base, D-M-E has the equipment and know-how to meet your special machining requirements. To a well-established reputation for consistent, high-quality machining. add D-M-E¡¯s goal of maximum productivity. D-M-E¡¯s five special machining facilities are equipped with the latest in precision machining equipment, including the newest generation of computer-controlled machining centers. At a time when equipment costs are skyrocketing. D-M-E¡¯s special machining services are more valuable than ever ¡ª for shops of all sizes. Accuracy and productivity. They¡¯re D-M-E goals designed to help make the moidmaker more productive too.

With the broad variety of highly specialized equipment In use at D-M-E plants in the East, Midwest and on the West Coast, moldmakers across the country have available a ready source for a wide range of special machining. Shown here and on the opposite page are the most typical classes of special work performed in standard or special mold base assemblies.

hot runner  


In conjunction with our Applications Engineering Department, D-M-E can provide a broad range of special machining for all of our runnerless molding systems, per your dimensioned drawings. If desired, D-M-E can also install the runnerless components, completely wire the system and test all heaters before shipping. In the case of our Valve Gate system, the testing of all hydraulically- actuated components can also be performed before delivery (See Section P for further details).  

hot runner system D-M-E Quick Delivery Standards

D-M-E¡¯s QDS Standards program has been dramatically expanded to bring you even more sizes of mold bases, retainer sets and mold plates on a same- day, next-day and three-day basis. Our next-day shipment program now offers 340 of our most popular A-Series mold bases in addition to rotary ground mold (RGM) plates of comparable size and thickness. The new selection of three-day shipment A-Series or B-Series mold bases, along with cavity retainer sets, and finished or rotary ground mold plates has been more than doubled to now include more than 3,800 combinations. With the ever-growing need for Just-In-Time deliveries, this expansion of our Quick Delivery Standards program can truly give you an even greater competitive edge.

hot runner A focus on the future
   New challenges face the plastics industry — cost-out programs, shorter development cycles, innovative new materials and processes. D-M-E is right there with you to provide innovative products and knowledgeable support. To learn more about the full line of D-M-E solutions, contact your D-M-E representative today, or call 800-626-6653.

  Prices and discounts are subject to change without notice.
  All orders for goods are subject to acceptance only at our Home Office or one of our Service Centers.

  1% Discount if paid within ten days of invoice date — NET thirty days. Cash discount is allowed on cost of merchandise only.

   All shipping dates quoted are based on date of leaving our plant from where shipment will originate, but may be subject to any delay caused by fire, strikes or other causes beyond our control. We cannot be responsible for any delays due to transportation nor any damage sustained by goods after delivery to carrier.
   Our traffic department will be guided by your routing instructions. If routing is not specified, shipment will be forwarded the best way in accordance with our own past experience.

   No goods returnable without written approval and prepaid transportation. All items are subject to our inspection before credit will be allowed. Special mold bases or items involving special steel or items not shown in our catalog cannot be returned. A minimum service charge of 10% will be made on all returned goods.

   No credit will be allowed for any additional labor costs expended on our products.

D-M-E reserves the right to delete products, make product improvements, changes or modifications to all products manufactured or sold by D-M-E without incurring any liabilities to incorporate these changes in any part or component — past, present or future.

Whereas every effort is made to ensure that the specifications and dimensions listed in this catalog are correct, D-M-E does not guarantee the accuracy or correctness of such information listed in this catalog.

The design guidelines in this catalog, mini-prints and technical literature serve as production-proven recommendations of the various D-M-E molding systems, process and temperature control systems, basic mold tooling, components and die cast products. The guidelines and technical data covered in this catalog supersede all previous catalog information. Due to the wide variety of applications, mold designs, molding conditions and possible uses by our customers, no warranties are expressed or implied.

Sales and Ordering Information:

PHONE ORDERS     TOLL FREE: 1-800-626-6653
D-M-E's Customer Service Dept. operates Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. E.S.T. Calls can be made from
anywhere in the continental U.S. and Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico: use "137" prefix instead of "1").  Our Customer service
Representatives will be happy to answer your questions on D-M-E products or services, provide on-the-spot feedback on


product availability and shipping details, or take any messages you wish relayed to your local D-M-E sales, manufacturing
or technical service representatives.

If you prefer to order by mail, please address
your order to:
D-M-E Company
29111 Stephenson Highway
Madison Heights, Michigan 48071
ATTN: Customer Service Dept.

You may fax your order to:
D-M-E Customer Service

When paying invoices by check or money order, please make payable to D-M-E Company.  Include remittance copy of
invoice and mail to:

D-M-E Company
 P.O. Box 64155
Detroit, Michigan 48264-0155
If desired, ordered products in stock at your nearest D-M-E Service Center can be picked up rather than shipped.  Walk-in
orders at Service Center locations can also be processed while you wait.  Products being returned for repair or exchange
can be sent to your nearest D-M-E Service Center.
Prints for quotation on special machining work can be mailed to the Estimating Department of the D-M-E manufacturing
location nearest you. Call our toll-free number if desired to clarify location which serves your area.
Estimating locations are:

29111 Stephenson Highway
(248) 544-5194
FAX (248) 544-5705

1217 Central Ave.
(908) 355-3500
FAX: (908) 355-4635

1051 Monterey Pass Rd.
(323) 263-9261
FAX: (323) 263-9264

1975 N. 17th Ave.
(708) 681-2460
FAX: (708) 681-3759

Please add "D-M-E Company" and "Attn: Estimating Dept." to above addresses when mailing prints. Phone numbers
above can be used to obtain prices and delivery on special mold base orders or to check status of special work in
progress. See pages A8-12 for details on Special Machining.
PHONE ORDERS: Contact our Mississauga, Ontario office at 1-800-387-6600 FAX: (905) 677-5280.
MAIL ORDERS:   Send to: D-M-E of Canada, Ltd., 6210 Northwest Drive, Mississauga, Ontario L4V 1J6.
CHECK OR MONEY ORDERS: Make payable to D-M-E  of Canada, Ltd.  Include remittance copy of invoice
and mail to Mississauga address above.
Contact our Mississauga office.

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