DME Pro Weld

D-M-E Precision Mold Repairs and Alterations Made Easy with ProWeld

Advantages of ProWeld Perform high-quality repairs of very small mold areas
Increase the life of a mold after repair
Reduce repair costs up to 85% with special metal alloys developed for all conventional types of steel
Modern control electronics ensure a homogenous welding pattern even under the most difficult working conditions
Process emits almost no heat
Weld material is not excessive C hand and machine finishing is easy
Only gentle pressure is required on welding electrodes to prevent the formation of cavities or pin holes
Magnetic electrodes pick up metal powder which can be easily placed on the workplate
Suitable for all forms of mold damage; no need for other types of welding, e.g. argon, laser welding, TIG
Safe and easy to operate, no special training needed
Emits no harmful welding fumes or toxic gases
No scaling or flaking. High- quality welding alloys are free of impurities. The resulting weld is strong, homogenous and reliable.

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