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Anchor Lamina Hydraulic Motors

Hydraulic motors manufactured by Lamina have a main shaft that can be readily adapted by use of chuck or collet to hold tools for rotary machining operations, such as drilling, boring, reaming and the like. The unusual small size of these motors makes them a natural choice for many applications.
  Chicken processing machinery
  Reactor repair
  Plastic Injection molding, thread core remover
  Oil pipeline inspection equipment
  Box sealing equipment
  Tool manipulator, undersea, oil well
  Camera manipulator, under sea
  Camera manipulator, nuclear reactor
  Drill and tap machine tool
  Gang (multiple) drilling, wood
  Electric motor coil winder
  Electrical discharge (E.D.M.) machines
  Plywood machines (brushes)
  Jumbo jet maintenance jacks
  C.N.C., D.N.C., T.C. tool changer drives
  Orange peeling machines
  Sewing machines, automatic XY control
  Diamond wheel dresser
  Milling, sawing applications
  Fan drives
  Agricultural applications
  Conveyor drives
  Automatic clamping
  Drill pointer machines
  Textile washing agitators
  Pipe valve openers
  Dynamite blast hole pump drive
  Index mechanism
  Hose reel retraction

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