AMPHENOL-MS-E F General Information

AMPHENOL-connector MS/Standard MS-E/F
MS-E & F
MS Class F connectors satisfy all the performance requirements of MIL-DTL-5015. Class E, environmental is also produced, but is no longer listed on the qualified products listing (QPL). These connectors are recommended for conditions where vibration, moisture, pressure and/or temperature are extreme. Strain relief is supplied on most shell sizes.
Shell components are fabricated from high grade aluminum alloy. The standard hardware plating is electrically conductive cadmium plated finish with an olive drab chromate after-treatment for corrosion resistance. Consult Amphenol, Sidney, NY for other plating options.
Contacts are silver plated copper alloy for maximum corrosion resistance, maximum current carrying capacity and low millivolt drop. Size 16 and 12 socket contacts incorporate a closed entry design. Crimp and solder versions are available. Refer to pages 49, 67 and 68 for additional contact information.
Resilient neoprene inserts provide an outstanding moisture barrier, high dielectric strength, and resistance to vibration. Either pin or socket insert can be pressurized.
Strain Relief Clamp:
Strain relief clamps minimize tension at the solder wellconnection and provide a positive mechanical moistureseal. Complete field serviceability is possible with the strain relief clamp.

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