AMPHENOL-MS-A MS-C General Information

AMPHENOL-connector MS/Standard MS-A and MS-C
MS-A and MS-C
MS-A and MS-C class connectors perform many of the vital functions in powering, testing and ground support systems. Class A applications include communications equipment, computers and shipboard installations where mechanical forces and physical parameters are not subject to extreme or rapid environmental changes.
Class C connectors are most frequently used on pressurized bulkheads or pressure barriers at elevated altitudes or maritime applications. Air leakage is limited to one cubic inch per hour at a pressure differential of 30 lbs. per square inch.
Shell components are fabricated from high grade aluminum alloy. Electrically conductive cadmium plate finish with an olive drab chromate after-treat offers corrosion resistance.
Contacts are available in both solder and crimp versions. Pins and sockets are machined from copper alloy with a silver plated finish. Size 16 and 12 socket contacts incorporate a closed entry design. Refer to pages 49, 67 and 68 for additional contact information.
Inserts are resilient neoprene, offering high dielectric strength, high arc resistance and resistance to vibration. Proprietary design permits pressurization of either pin or socket insert.

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