injection mold tooling design services

  we supply the professional plastic injection molds design survices for customer in full 3D formats according to DME or Hasco standard.If you are a plastic injection molds company in the United States or Canada,England... our plastic injection molds design survices is a good needn't worry about quality of our plastic injeciton molds design.You needn't pay unless you are satisfied with our 3D molds design.If you are interested in it,please contact or submit a quote online.
  Our design team has the latest and highest computer aided CAD/CAM/CNC software technology UG,can design injeciton molds from basic to complex,multi-cavity molds according to the cousomers' standard and request,the format include major software such as: UG, ProE, Catia, Parasolids, STEP, SAT, IGES, SolidWorks and much more.Our powerful Unigraghics CAD system transforms your part data into a precision 3-D solid modeled tool design,we can also create a complete 3D model of your intended part or convert your 2-D drawings to a 3-D solid CAD model.Our design team utilizes Moldflow to analysis the products and simulate the broadest range of injection molding processes to predict and avoid potential process defects (such as: sink warp) enable you to predict and solve process problems in the earliest stages of product development.We'll review your CAD files or part drawings and provide feedback on possible quality issues or areas in need of improvement. If we find an area in your part that can't physically be manufactured, we will make a modification to your 3-D CAD model with a solution that best fits the application and return it to you for approval.

injection mold tooling components manufactring services

  Viewmold provides injection mold tooling components manufacturing survices,such as: Cavity,core ,lifters and slides.Our full-service tool room is staffed with experienced mold builders and have 24/7 coverage to support our manufacturing operations.Our manufacturing Center can cut complex contours with exceptional finish in materials from Copper to hardened steel(HRC 60) and hybrid molds component parts fabrications. If you need highly precise, intricate, part details required injection molds components,are looking for a dependable manufacturing of a wide variety of components parts used in plastic molds supplier to reduce costs, reduce lead times, improve quality and increase productivity,our component's manufacturing survices is a good choice.
  Our Quality Assurance is your Quality Insurance,high standards are ensured through a complete process,our QC department follow quality procedures to ensure that our jobs are done right the first time, every time,they do full inspection services with CMM capabilities on all of your dimensionally critical parts.Parts as long as 2 feet can be measured to within .0001 of an inch accuracy.This measuring system gives us the speed to accurately measure detailed parts, making us more productive while guaranteeing the type of quality our customers have come to expect.Then we also do other inspection with micrometer, calipers, indicators, thread gages and microscopes.The comprehensive quality assurance system guarantees that only defect-free parts and components with absolute confidence and assurance are delivered to you.
   Whether your needs are for small inserts lifts or large cavities cores orders, your order will be given the attention and priority you deserve,our experienced team of employees are committed to on-time delivery of high quality molds parts.we can carry out additional processes on even a single component, and deliver it to the customer with a short delivery time. We are Proud to bring to you the quality and speed you would expect from our company.

Viewmold profile

  Viewmold Co., Limited is an honest reliable supplier.We provide high quality injection molds and service for global customer as reasonable price.Our company is founded in Shenzhen, China in 1989, has been in the plastic injection molds for over 20 years, has our own factory of 2,000 square meters. Our company has the 40sets precise machine, and advanced software for mold design-Auto CAD, UG, ProE and Moldflow, currently employs 90 skilled and experienced staff members to work in engineering, production, inspection.
  Viewmold design injection mold according to DME or HASCO standard.
  Viewmold can produce about 15 sets injection mold per month, it is from small precision molds with tight tolerance to 10 ton large molds.
  Viewmold adopt special† excel steel material†from famous steel companies, such as:schmolz-bickenbach, Assab, SorelForge.LKM. Our many standard components in the plastic injection molds are purchased through DME, Progressive, PCS, Parker, as custom's request.
Viewmold continue to respond to customers' needs in our efforts to carry out product development, make advances in high-precision technologies, increase productivity, and promote globalization.
If you have any inquiry for plastic injection molds or plastic parts, Just give Viewmold a email or submit a quote online.We guarantee that you will get feedback quilkly, Our team of quote specialists is highly experienced in the areas of plastic injection molding and molds,from design tips to material selection and control for the costs.They are the most responsive and the most hands on. We look forward to working with you and your company. We believe we will be your supplier of choice.
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injection mold tooling services
We has a system capable of supplying components customered with absolute confidence and assurance. Our Quality Assurance is your Quality Insurance.High standards are ensured through a complete process of testing and state-of-the-art quality inspection.

Our tooling department is complete with unprecedented experience and knowledge of tooling which assures customers 100% injection molds parts accuracy.
Our machine centers are capable of manufacturing small to medium/large parts, milling, forming, and turning assemblies.So we can manufacture complete various plastic injection molds from small precise tool to large complicated tool , the max. mold dimension is 1800x1000mm, max. mold weight is 10 tons:
  Electric Products tool(like washing machine part,air condition part mold,refrigerator part mold, television part, remote controller etc);
  AUtomobile Components tool (like:bumper mold,Car Fender guard,car door,and Car lamp etc)
   Household plastics tools (like chair, table, toilet seat cover, bucket,plastic hanger,basket,box ,cutlery,cup ,food container etc)
  Printer Parts parts;
  Overmold and double mold;
   Others Kinds.
Our master mold makers give you the best of both worlds: leading edge process and equipment in the hands of skilled and experienced craftsmen. complex plastic molds parts are our specialty,We Donít Shy Away From Difficult Precision Requirements.
To maintain and grow our edge, Viewmold also has mold technicians working 24 hours a day which enables proper monitoring and management of customers molds at any hour of the day,throughout our organization ,Lean manufacturing principles applied to all processes. Our Lean-facility advantages can get your product to market under budget restrictions and within tight development schedules. The inspection process not only includes final dimensional accuracy but aesthetics, packaging and delivery criteria are all part of the inspection process as well.We strive quality and devote extensive resources to ongoing employee training,so on a personal level, we are committed to maintaining the highest quality, never sacrificing quality or service for convenience, and not just meeting customer expectations, but creating customer delight.
  As a plastic injection mold company,growth is based on exceeding our customers' expectations . Commitment to innovation and product enhancement parallels our commitment to our customers. For more 20 years, we've bee'n listening to what our customers need and we have expanded our capabilities and updated our engineering systems to meet each challenge. To stay on top of the latest plastic injection moldmaking technology,Viewmold will always be a manufacturer where customers deal with decision-makers.

injection molding services

  Our company has 3 injeciton machines for 100ton,160ton and 250ton,and provide injection mold services.

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