Section 1: Mold Design
a)Viewmold injection mold standards Description
b)Mold Series Description
Viewmold "A"Series
Viewmold "B"series
Viewmold "X"Series
Viewmold "AX"Series
Viewmold "T"series
Viewmold "RG"series
c) Common mold steels and applications for injection mold standard
Defines the common steel types and their applications
d) Drawing format and standards
Defines the Viewmold 2-D drawing layout and standard drafting aids for the Block-out, Preliminary, and final design drawings.
e) Solid Model Geometry format, construction, and standards
Defines the Unigraphics Solid Modeling requirements, Viewmold data layering specifications, Viewmold construction techniques, general mold functionality fit and function standards, and Viewmold design for manufacturability requirements.

Section 2: Slides/Lifters/Actions Standards and Design
A) Mechanical Slide Design Standards
B) Hydraulic Slide Design Standards
C) Lifter Design Standards

Section 3: Runner System Standards and Design
A) Surface Runner and gate Design Standards
B) Hot Runner Design Guidelines
C) Three plate runner and Pin-Point Gate Design Standards

Section 4: Cooling Standards and Design
Defines methods to provide optimum mold temperature control

Section 5: Venting Standards and Design

Section 6: Ejector System Standards and Design
A) Ejector pin design standards
B) Guided ejection design standards
C) Spring return standards
D) Hydraulic ejector standards
E) Press Knock-out (PKO) design standards


Section 7: Standard Components
Defines standard component types and suppliers

Section 8: Hydraulic and Pneumatic Standards and Design
a) Hydraulic Standards
b) Pneumatic Standards