molding air trap

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Injection Molding defect:molding air trap

Solving molding air trap problems
Air traps occur when converging flow fronts surround and trap a bubble of air. The trapped air can cause incomplete filling and packing, and will often cause a surface blemish in the final part. Air trapped in pockets may compress, heat up and cause burn marks.
Racetrack effect
Unbalanced flow paths
Flow paths do not need the racetrack effect or hesitation to have unbalanced flow. In a part with uniform thickness, the physical length of flow paths may vary, and again air traps may occur.
Inadequate venting
Lack of vents or undersized vents in these last-to-fill areas are a common cause of air traps.

molding air trap
Balance flow paths
Avoid hesitation and racetrack effects
Balance runners
Changing the runner system can alter the filling pattern in such a way that the last-to-fill areas are located at the proper venting locations.
Vent appropriately
If air traps do exist, they should be positioned in regions that can be easily vented or ejection and/or vent pins added so that air can be removed.
Solving one problem can often introduce other problems to the injection molding process. Each option hence requires consideration of all relevant aspects of the mold design specification.

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